36 000
860 000
are ready to implement Expocore to simplify
transaction processes and to make contracts safe
A new standard of transaction quality and security for all exhibition participants
Transaction fulfillment
Guarantee with self-executing smart contracts on typical deals
Fraud Protection with a decentralized transaction register
Transparent market
Open database of participants, digital signatures
Priceis 10X lower
No legal costs, we offer crypto-currency instead of fiats
Speedis 12X faster
1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days thanks to Contract Constructor
Our Solutions
Lack of trust Having paid, you cannot be sure that your goods will be delivered
Self-executing smart contracts for most typical transactions
High transaction costs Large quantities of small purchases from different suppliers, carry a hefty fee of registration in foreign jurisdictions
A hybrid contract constructor forms a standardized paper version and its high priority digitally-signed copy in the blockchain network
Identification of the counterparty After meeting a promising business partner at the exhibition, you can’t be sure that he or she represent the manufacturer, rather than an intermediary
Decentralized register of market participants, allows you to verify the counterparty and his signing rights by his unique ID in the system
Protection from falsification A paper contract can be changed or forged
Fixing the terms, conditions in a blockchain The counterparties, each receive private keys, with which they can verify and confirm the terms from the public network
Registration of Transactions International jurisdictions require notarized contracts to be accepted by banks for confirmation of payment
ExpoCore uses it's own token for secure transactions which allow to simplifier registration requirements
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3 verification steps of delivery smart contract
Primary verification: RFID tags tracking

International transfers are governed by shared codes, the status of the movement of goods is reflected in Incoterms. Identification of goods carried out by an individual RFID tags. The Incoterms status is changed when an RFID tag passes from the factory to the port of departure, port of departure to port of arrival, to customs etc. The whole process is tracked by Oracle services.

Secondary verification: GPRS control

Real-time GPRS tracking of product movement.

Tertiary verification: use of Arbitrators

Who are integrated in the logistics and customs services, which in-term, collectively confirm the status changes of the goods, for a crypto currency fee. The identity of the confirming arbitrators is anonymous, only the statuses of the tags are available.

When the goods reach a given status in the Incoterms, the delivery is deemed to be completed and the seller receives the reserved amount back
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Constructorof standard contracts

Typical exhibition contracts ready to use in the mobile application

Enter your basic conditions and receive a ready-made contract

Print, sign and use in case of disputes
Self-executingsmart contracts

Translation of contract terms into code and formation of a smart contract

Escrow mechanics in tokens

Guarantee of transaction fulfillment with self-realizing algorithms

All participants and transactions are in one decentralized register

Counter-parties receive private keys and the ability to confirm the terms and conditions

Protection from unfair players and falsification of the terms of the contract
Our main market is China
$1000 bln. World
$200 bln. China
$60 bln. Our partners
Annual volume of contracts concluded at exhibitions
Schedule of exhibitions attraction for ExpoCore integration
25 years of founder's experience in the exhibition industry
5 years our main products aimed at the exhibition industry
Ticketing for exhibitions and events. Leader in Eastern Europe with an annual growth of 70%
A platform for attracting visitors and exhibitors to exhibitions.
our team
CEO, Co-founder
Simon Zagaynov
A seasoned executive with a history of leading foreign startups in China. As a sales professional with a proven track record of over 5 years in sales, Simon closed over 500 deals in China and 700 deals overseas. Simon's strong managerial skills and enthusiasm about Internet projects have recently led to the boost of his marketing analytics skills.
Hennadiy Netyaha
25 years on exhibition market. Had organized international exhibitions such as Décor&Gifts, ConsumExpo and others which were successfully sold to ITE Expo. Had several IT Projects related to the e-commerce and exhibition industry.
Yury Timoschuk
Has more than 27 years of experience in IT industry. Yury has developed technology platform of products in the Group, such as
Melody Ding
Serial entrepreneur and owner of Chinese online projects
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